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Why You Must Have Your HVAC System Serviced Annually

Just about every maker of furnaces and HVAC systems recommends that you have professional service for your unit at least once a year. Many people forget or skip this crucial part of maintaining an efficient and functioning system, however. But not getting yearly service done can cost you a lot of money in the long run — both in decreased system life and increased energy costs. Plus, you’re putting your health and safety at risk.

When it’s time for your yearly HVAC service, it makes sense to turn to licensed HVAC service technicians like those at Daniels Air. We ensure that your unit is working right and as efficiently as possible, saving you money and hassles.

If your furnace burns oil or natural gas, yearly service is especially important. That’s because these furnaces create deadly, odorless carbon monoxide and release it in your home or office building when they aren’t functioning properly. But an HVAC service technician can ensure proper venting and optimal functioning, potentially saving your life.

There is also a risk of fire from an improperly maintained oil or gas furnace. These fuels are flammable. That means dirt, dust and debris left too close to a unit can catch fire, quickly creating a situation that puts your home or business and your life in jeopardy.

If safety doesn’t spur you into scheduling your yearly HVAC system maintenance, perhaps saving money will. Heating fuels are expensive, and a system that is well-maintained burns much less of these precious fuels. A professional HVAC service company can adjust your furnace — and your air conditioning system too — so that it operates at the highest possible level of efficiency. Less fuel consumption means a saving on every bill.

Having your annual service done in the winter months allows the professional HVAC service technician to replace parts that are worn and will fail so you don’t have to worry about a breakdown when it could be dangerously cold outside. Being without heat for days or weeks could become a serious situation in the dead of winter.

To make sure your furnace comes on and efficiently does its job even on the coldest days, turn to a yearly maintenance inspection and tune-up from the professional air conditioning service technicians at Daniels Air. You benefit from a safer, more efficient and more stable home environment that you can confidently expect to be able to maintain all winter long.

The right maintenance for your HVAC system is a sensible idea this year and every year.

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