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Do You Really Have to Service Your Air Conditioner in Dallas Fort Worth?

The summer months are quickly approaching, and that means that an increasing number of families will be installing air conditioners in their homes. However, there is a misconception that an air conditioner doesn’t need to be serviced often or at all, especially in Dallas Fort Worth. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, making sure your air conditioner is serviced is vital, and there are many reasons why.

First, it should be understood that an air conditioner is a seasonal commodity and not something that will be used throughout the year. This means that the focus on maintenance of the air conditioner should be making sure that it can function at optimal efficiency for the warm, summer months ahead. Servicing your air conditioner can also save you money when your electricity bill comes.

However, over time, the inner machinery of your air conditioner is likely to collect dirt and excess debris. When this accumulates over time, it can interfere with the filter in the AC and overall functionality. While some do not want to take it for professional cleaning for the sake of saving money, an air conditioning unit cannot be thoroughly cleaned through conventional means.

Another important reason to keep your A/C serviced is that the gradual wear and tear that an air conditioner can cause it to go bad. An A/C unit is a very expensive electronic luxury, and it can set you back quite a bit if it is not adequately maintained.

How Frequently Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

In terms of how frequently an air conditioner should get serviced, a yearly maintenance check will suffice. This can save money on your monthly energy bill and prevent breakdowns from happening. Efficiency influences the price greatly based on a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the number is (it is on a scale of 13 to 21), the more efficiently the AC can cool your home, and the lower your monthly energy bill.

The efficiency in which the air conditioner puts out energy is also affected by how regularly it’s serviced as well. Within the air conditioner lies two very important coils that determine how it functions. There are the condenser coils as well as evaporator coils. As the conditioner gradually begins to function, deposits of dirt start to get on them. Because dust is a very poor conductor of heat, your air conditioner will not be able to function as it needs to.

Smaller problems that could turn out to be larger problems and potential safety hazards can also be detected with early interventions. This could be faulty wiring, a malfunctioning coil or the internal system being compromised. Not only will they turn into bigger problems as time moves forward, but they will also gradually become more expensive to fix.

Everything from the coils to the filters needs to be adequately observed and neglecting to do so will cause an indirect relationship of increasing energy usage with a decrease in actual performance.

This is why servicing the air conditioner, even if it just yearly, is very important. The coils have to be washed so that the build-up of harmful materials are removed. It is recommended to have the components of the conditioner tested individually by a skilled technician at least once a year.

Many people are fearful of servicing an air conditioner because of what it may cost them. While the cost may vary depending on what needs to be specifically fixed, the price pales in comparison when weighed against the prospect of having to invest in a new unit altogether. Make sure your air conditioner is maintained professionally.

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