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Preparing Pipes For Winter

With winter coming, it is time to prepare. In freezing weather, pipes can burst and cause flooding and water damage. Certain pipes are more likely to freeze than others. These are pipes that are in unheated parts of the house, exterior piping, and any plumbing that is outside the home. Because the whole plumbing system …

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Replacing Hot Water Heaters

Properly functioning hot water heaters are important. There can be water damage and insurance claims from broken hot water heaters, and the average cost of those hot water heater malfunctions is $4,400 (Institute for Business and Home Safety). This is because it is not only the hot water heater that breaks; there is also water …

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Common Plumbing Problems

Even if a house is new construction, over time, plumbing problems can develop. These problems must be dealt with quickly, otherwise, they become larger and larger and thus more and more expensive to fix. Plumbing problems are not something to ignore. They can occur anywhere, visibly or invisibly. One of the easiest ways to discern …

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